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We are leading suppliers and installers for Railroad Cross Tie Equipment.

Cross Tie Equipment

Industrial Power Inc, has become a leading Railroad Cross Tie Equipment supplier and installer. Working with cross tie companies, IPI has developed trimmer equipment systems that can produce 400+ ties per hour. IPI understands that in the cross tie industry, the equipment has to be produced both heavy in the framework and for components to endure the heavy beatings that cross ties take.

We also believe in keeping the equipment simple in design. This gives you equipment with less moving parts which means that you will have less to break down and maintain. Our trimmer system was also made to function in a simple manner as well. The fewer chains or rollers and the fewer transition points will increase production. This helps in that there are fewer areas for a tie to hang up or problems.

IPI's equipment is both robust and simple.

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Cross Tie Trimmer System

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Incissor Shaft Assembly

Incisor Assembly

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