There is no Electrical Service too small or too large for our company.


IPI employs over 20 electricians with many different skill sets. We have:

Electricians skilled in conduit and wire runs, from controls to large power services.

  • IPI Electricians are trained to install conduit and conduit racks to be secure, rigid and straight in order to give future access and easy maintenance with a professional look.

Technicians skilled in controls and troubleshooting.

  • With years of industrial experience and training, IPI control electricians can service and repair even the most advanced systems.

Technicians skilled in Control logic programming and advanced system components.

  • From the beginning 20 years ago, IPI has kept up to date with the latest software and training to keep customer's processes' advanced and in production.

IPI offers a full industrial electrical service for any job large or small, including:

  • Industrial electricians
  • Control technicians
  • Programmers
  • Arc flash data collection
  • Infrared surveys

IPI holds many Electrical Master and Contractor's licenses in over 10 states. IPI's electrical department is comprised of superintendents, leads and labors. All IPI electricians are licensed from masters to journeymen and apprentices.

Electrical For Equipment

Electrical, conduit and install quality are often overlooked as part of the equipment integrity and value. It is easy to look and see the equipment, but do you look at the electrical? IPI takes pride in providing a good electrical system that will last, is easy to work on and is easily understandable by your maintenance personnel.

IPI Electrical System

  • Rigid threaded conduits are used on the equipment. This gives us a raceway that can take abuse, while other conduits that have been used by other companies, like EMT, will not hold up or stay together.
  • The use of EMT is okay for building lighting, building receptacles and overhead pipe racks where the conduit will not see vibration or abuse.
  • The use of weld on poly clamps to secure conduit. These clamps come from the hydraulic industry. We find that conventional conduit clamps (one hole straps, Mini straps, Unistrut clamps) will not keep conduits secure with the vibration of any equipment.
  • The use of conventional conduit clamps is okay for building lighting, building receptacles and overhead pipe racks where the conduit will not see vibration or abuse.
  • IPI uses multiple conduits for circuits verse using a large conduit for many circuits. This helps in many ways.
  • Conduit overfill is a problem that causes too much heat and shortages.
  • It makes it easier to trace down a circuit by following the conduit.
  • It keeps down the "rats nest" in junction boxes.
  • Easier to add circuits in the future.
  • IPI routes conduit in ways to protect and keep out of the way.
  • Conduit routes are kept off the floor so that brooms can sweep under them.
  • Conduits that can only pass in an area where damage may occur are protected by added structural steel.