Our Construction Services can help with your company's construction needs from start to finish.


IPI can work with your company from the ground to concrete to building structure.

Construction Services Offered


IPI can handle projects ranging from large ones like excavation to smaller ones, including power line/pipeline right-of-ways and building sites. IPI owns equipment such as a Mini excavator, backhoes and heavy equipment hauling trucks and trailers to easily move equipment. We work with heavy equipment companies for equipment needs which allow us to have a broader range of equipment selection for each individual project. We employ several operators with years of experience.


IPI can handle all of your industrial concrete needs from parking lots to formed up walls. Our past concrete projects include cutting out and removing existing concrete in plant floors, reinforcing, pouring and finishing in a tight weekend and completing the project in time for plant production.

We specialize in: plant floor repair, floor drains and stainless trenches, formed wall curbs, equipment pads, equipment pits, retaining walls, and building slabs.


Buildings can be selected from many different manufacturers and IPI can erect the building of your choice.