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Industrial Power, Inc, Russellville, Arkansas

Russellville, Arkansas

Russellville, Arkansas

Russellville, Arkansas

Quitman, Arkansas

Services We Offer

A company with the vision to grow, the stability to last and the expertise to excel.

Electrical, Industrial Power


There is no Electrical Service too small or too large for our company.

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Oil & Gas, Industrial Power

Oil & Gas

Our Oil & Gas department can handle a wide range of services.

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Millwright, Industrial Power


Our Millwright department will assist you in various scopes of work.

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Railroad Cross Tie Equipment, Industrial Power

Railroad Cross-Tie Equipment

We are the lead suppliers and installers for Railroad Cross Tie Equipment.

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Our Construction Services can help finish your project from start to end.

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About Us

Industrial Power Inc (IPI) is an Industrial contracting company that meets all needs in the Industrial field. We are a diverse company with Welders, Millwrights, Mechanics, Electricians, Plumbers, Machinist, Concrete Construction, 3D Equipment Design, as well as Fabrication and can meet the needs of any customer, from providing a full turn-key job to simply providing electricians or welders.

IPI can work with your company on planning and construction from the ground up on projects, with all trades in house. IPI can coordinate projects better and reduce added cost compared to others and with IPI employing over 80 people and having 2 locations creates a company that can complete very large jobs with precise control to meet tough deadlines. IPI holds contracting licenses in over 10 states keeping us ready for any job at a minutes notices.

If you are looking for a company to help with your next project IPI is a great choice. There are no jobs too large or small that we could not help you with.

About IPI
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